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Dec 06, 2007: Regional Briefing with Penza Oblast Governor







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Dear AmCham Members,

The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia invites you to attend a regional briefing at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the National Hotel, St. Petersburg Room (15/1 Mokhovaya Street). Registration will begin at 2:30 p.m.


Vasily Bochkaryov
Penza Oblast

will speak on


 Investment Opportunities in

Penza Oblast


Governor Bochkaryov will lead a delegation of senior regional government officials and heads of companies operating in Penza Oblast.

Delegation Members

  • Vasily Kuzmich Bochkaryov, Penza Oblast Governor;
  • Vitaly Bolatovich Charushin, First Deputy Chairman of the Oblast’s Government, Head of Penza Oblast Representation in Moscow;
  • Vladimir Grigorievich Reznichenko, Deputy Chairman of the Oblast’s Government;
  • Mikhail Grigorievich Kosoy, Head, Investment and Tourism Department of the Oblast’s Government;
  • Alexander Ivanovich Dmitriev, Director, Penza Fixture Plant;
  • Nikolay Petrovich Zamidra, General Director, Penzakhimmash;
  • Alexander Ivanovich Chernitsov, General Director, Biosintez;
  • Sergey Vasilievich Evdokimov, General Director, Medinzh;
  • Vasily Alexeevich Vdonin, General Director, Mayak;
  • Rashid Riftovich Khayrov, General Director, Penza Meat Processing Factory;
  • Nikolay Petrovich Abarin, General Director, Penza Diary Factory;
  • Vladimir Nikolaevich Podobed, Chairman, Oblast’s Trade Chamber.

Governor Bochkaryov

Vasily Bochkaryov graduated from Alatyrsk Forest Industry Technical School in 1968, Mariy Polytechnic Institute in 1973, the Department of Economy and Management of Penza State Technical University in 1994 and from Penza State Agriculture Academy in 1999. From 1987 - 1998 he served as head of Zheleznodorozhny District of the City of Penza and in April 1998 was elected head of the Administration of Penza Oblast. He became Governor of the Oblast in June 1998 and has since been re-elected twice - in 2002 and 2005. Since 2000, Governor Bochkaryov has been a member of the State Council of Russia, and since 2003, has served as president of the Bolshaya Volga Association of Economic Cooperation.

Penza Oblast
Geography & Infrastructure

Located in the Volga Federal District on the East European plain, Penza Oblast stretches 330km east to west, 204km north to south, and occupies the central and western parts of the Privolzhskiy hills. More than 200 rivers cross the region, the largest of which are the Sura, Moksha, Khoper and Vorona. The region's well-developed transport network make Penza Oblast an ideal location for exploiting imported raw materials and fuel, and conducting goods manufacturing and distribution operations. With a population of around 1.4 million, the largest cities are Penza, the regional capital, Kuznetsk, Zarechny, Kamenka and Serdobsk. The region has abundant forest, water, land, and mineral resources.

Economy & Industry

According to the Expert RA rating agency, Penza Oblast’s investment rating is 3B1. The main industrial sectors are the engineering, forestry, pulp & paper, and flavoring industries. Other key industries include textiles, building materials, food production, and wool processing.

Engineering companies located in the region specialize in the manufacture of metal-cutting and textile machinery, machinery for use in the shoe industry, spinning machines, chemical equipment, compressors, tractor-drawn seeders, car trailers and computer devices. With around 500 agricultural enterprises, more than 2000 farms, and nearly 100 companies in the food and processing industries, Penza Oblast is one of Russia's leading producers of wheat, rye, oats, millet, buckwheat, cereal and forage crops, vegetables, potatoes, mustard, and meat. Agriculture accounts for approximately 20% of the Oblast's GDP.

Penza Oblast Coat of Arms

Trade & Investment
During the first 9 months of 2007, foreign trade turnover in the region amounted to $202.4 million, representing an increase of 68% over the pervious year. Of Penza Oblast's 63 trade partners, the most important are Kazakhstan, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Iran, China, Italy and India. More than 250 companies involved in foreign trade are operating in the region. In 2006, foreign capital inflow to Penza Oblast was $23.8 million - 60.8% in the manufacturing sector and 39.1% in agriculture.


This event is only open to members of the Chamber


To attend, please fill out this RSVP form and return it to Victoria Zaytseva at AmCham either by email or by fax (961-2142) no later than 12:00 noon Wednesday, December 5, 2007.

We look forward to seeing you on December 6!

Best Regards,

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