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Mar 04, 2010: Regional Briefing with Kurgan Oblast





The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia held a regional briefing on Thursday, March 4, 2010, with Oleg Bogomolov, Governor of Kurgan Oblast, who spoke on investment opportunities in the region.

Event Materials
The electronic presentation made during the briefing is available for download in .ppt format: RussianEnglish

Kurgan Oblast
Kurgan Oblast has an advantageous geographical location - the Trans-Siberian railroad, as well as oil and gas pipelines, intersect the region. The oblast is open to investment and has seen significant recent economic growth. Construction, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and the consumer market represent important opportunities for investors.

Kurgan has extensive manufacturing infrastructure. The Oblast produces:

30% of all fire engines built in Russia

35% of all mid-class buses built in Russia

25% of all metallic materials for bridge construction produced in Russia

30% of all antibiotics produced in Russia

In addition, Kurgan Oblast has manufacturing facilities that produce a wide-array of industrial machinery:

multi-purpose construction machinery


forest-clearing equipment

off-road amphibious vehicles


state-of-the-art mobile boring drills



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