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  • Capital Markets and Financial Services

    The Capital Markets and Financial Services Committee brings together industry leaders to track developments in Russia’s financial markets. The committee follows market developments, government initiatives and policies, and new and amended legislation. Areas covered include: banking, capital markets, insurance, investment management, and pension reform.

  • Customs and Transportation

    The Customs & Transportation Committee discusses a range of issues relevant to its members. It collects and disseminates information to members on customs clearance procedures. It also closely follows tariff regulations and discusses changes in Russian customs legislation. The committee continues to monitor the new customs union customs code, as well as the new trilateral customs union among Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. It facilitates a dialogue between Chamber members and officials from the Federal Customs Service and State Duma. The committee continues to provide U.S. and Russian government officials, relevant RF Duma committees, and American and Russian business associations with feedback on customs legislation and practices.

  • Energy

    The Energy Committee holds monthly meetings to discuss issues of concern to AmCham members involved in all aspects of energy exploration, generation, and distribution. The committee pays particular attention to the interrelations between Russian policy and the exploitation of natural resources, especially with regard to the passage and amendment of energy-related legislation impacting foreign investors. Additionally, Energy Committee members continue to be active in the U.S.-Russian Commercial Energy Dialogue.

  • Enterprise Development

    The Enterprise Development Committee promotes the interests of small- and medium-sized companies in Russia. The committee helps the Chamber to devise and advocate concrete measures intended to improve the climate for SMEs in Russia. The committee also organizes interactive meetings with business leaders, government officials, and consultants so that members can discuss issues of importance to SMEs.

  • Environment

    The Environment Committee acts as a bridge between Russian lawmakers and the American business community in Russia. The committee was formed to proactively respond to anticipated legislative actions on environmental practices and procedures in the Russian Federation. The committee also works closely with Russian and international regulatory bodies to promote sustained, effective environmental standards and practices.

  • Healthcare

    The Healthcare Committee works toward the development of a transparent, efficient, and non-discriminatory market for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and healthcare services in Russia. The committee acts as a unified voice in promoting the interests and concerns of its members, offering input on Russian healthcare legislation, certification regulations, IPR protections, and WTO accession. The committee works to create a mechanism for dialogue with officials from the Russian Ministry of Health and other interested government agencies in order to influence healthcare reform.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources Committee meetings are devoted to the exchange of ideas and information related to the development and management of human resources in Russia. The practical experience of committee members is frequently drawn upon as a basis for presentations and discussions. The committee also prepares commentary on legislation such as the labor code and tax and local regulations affecting HR management.

  • Innovation & Technology Committee (ITC)

    The Innovation & Technology Committee (ITC) is focused on activities that promote bilateral trade and investment in the innovation and technology industries in Russia, and it participates in events which foster closer relations between the U.S. and Russia in these spheres. Events with Russian government and regulatory agencies are held to provide commentary and report on policy issues, such as the regulatory regime for encryption technology, transparency in the import of technology products, and support for technology research and development in Russia. The committee also undertakes activities to promote the business of member companies, holding events in Russia and the U.S. to allow members to build partnerships.

  • Investment

    The Investment Committee focuses its programs on legislative, political, and social factors influencing investment in Russia. In meetings held last year, the committee heard presentations from representatives of Uralsib Capital, White & Case, Business Solidarity, Transparency International, Goltsblat BLP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DLA Piper, Ernst & Young, and DT-Global Business Consulting.

  • Leasing

    The Leasing Committee’s mission is to facilitate the development of the leasing industry in Russia by improving the tax, legal, and customs environment for both Russian- and foreign-based leasing through commenting on proposed legislation, holding seminars and discussions between industry and government, and disseminating information on leasing to interested parties. 

  • Marketing

    The Marketing Committee represents advertising and media interests in Russia. The committee seeks to educate members on various marketing and advertising issues in Russia and serves as a unified voice and advocate of the industry as a whole, making recommendations to Russian legislators.

  • NGO-Corporate Partnership

    The NGO-Corporate Partnership Committee was created to help for-profit members overcome internal and external barriers to corporate philanthropy in Russia and to help member NGOs collectively address their common problems. The committee provides a forum for organizations and companies within both the non-profit and corporate sectors to exchange information and address global issues relevant to this important sector of Russian society. The committee also furthers the Chamber’s educational mission to raise awareness of charitable activities in Russia.

  • Real Estate and Construction

    The Real Estate and Construction Committee monitors the development of opportunities for private investment in Russia’s real estate and construction markets. Meetings often feature presentations by companies that have successfully carried out significant projects in Russia.

  • Security

    The Security Committee monitors and discusses security risks associated with political and economic developments. The committee collects the knowledge and best practices of members and shares them with others to ensure the security of employees, business continuity, and appropriate responses in emergency situations. The committee works closely with other committees to organize joint meetings with Russian authorities on business-related security issues.

  • Taxation

    The Taxation Committee meets the needs of AmCham members in several ways. It serves as a source for the latest information on Russian tax legislation, regulation, and implementation, both at its regular monthly meetings and at seminars on significant new legislation. The committee also serves as the primary link to Russian tax authorities from the Ministry of Finance on issues of concern to AmCham members. The committee strives to exert a positive influence on the legislative and regulatory processes critical to the development of the Russian tax system by meeting with legislators and other government officials and providing detailed commentary on pending tax legislation and regulation.